Winter Wedding in the Palais Royal Gardens

Although the winter weather puts a chill in the air and silver skies, this certainly doesn't deter a happy couple from the most romantic city in the world. Rayni and Branden met one another when Branden joined the firm at which Rayni was already working....

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Midnight in Paris Proposal

It doesn’t get much better than a proposal in Paris, but this past December, we helped organize a proposal that will set the bar a little higher, even in the most romantic city in the world. One evening during their trip to Paris, the couple...

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An Insider’s Scoop on French Destination Weddings

The funniest wedding I ever planned was on April 1, 2003 – April Fool’s Day. No kidding. The bride was the publisher of a wedding publication based in Seattle, the groom was a musician, and they had already been together 14 years.

I was given three weeks to organize everything, and because she promised free publicity for the venue, I was able to book the Pompadour room at the Hotel Meurice free of charge. No kidding. Except because the event was on April Fool’s Day, I had to reconfirm several times and assure the reception department this wedding was for real. Remember the French motto: “Méfie-toi!” (Be on your guard!)