Chocolate Macaron Recipe

This light, bite-sized cookie has certainly become a staple in French pastry shops, and is always a crowd pleaser! Caution: Although they can be a bit challenging to create picture-perfect macarons on your first attempt, practice makes perfect-- and tasting your mistakes along the way...

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Mini Quiche Recipe

This is a classic quiche recipe with a twist! If a whole quiche is just a bit too much sometimes, but you still love this classic French staple, try this perfectly downsized option instead! A normal serving size is 3 mini quiches, but 1 or...

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A Different Spin on Teaching French Cuisine

On a bustling commercial street in central Paris, there is an oasis of tranquillity, elegance and warmth, in the home of chef and teacher Laetitia de Matharel. In near perfect English, she has been running for the past two years a private and unique cooking...

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Eating Well While Staying Slim in France

parismarketMany people who visit Paris wonder how the average French person manages to staying slim when surrounded by so many tempting pastries, breads, chocolates and wines, not to mention outstanding bistros and gastronomic palaces. The short answer is simple: they don’t eat the stuff on a regular basis the way Americans tend to wolf down McDonald’s.

They also consume smaller quantities of food and rarely snack between meals. That doesn’t mean that everyone who lives in Paris lives healthily–many people do eat fast food–and while the French are loathe to admit it, the second most profitable division of McDonald’s is in France. Frankly, I don’t know why they eat the stuff: my one experience with McD proved almost fatal. After a hard day of painting my apartment kitchen, a midnight snack of chicken McNuggets and fries left me feeling as if my veins had been injected with congealed fat. Never again, I vowed, and have since that awful meal, kept my word.