A Breath of Fresh Air in French Art

PARIS--Last Wednesday night, despite a taxi strike and horrendous traffic, I was finally able to make it to the opening of a  wonderful exhibition of drawings and sculpture by the highly talented Anne Ferrer, who has been making unique inflatable works of soft sculpture for...

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Les terrasses des restaurants du port de Saint-Martin-de-Ré de nuit. Tourisme sur l'île de Ré. Le 16 08 2011. PHOTO XAVIER LEOTY

What’s Hip and Hot in 2016

At InsiderFrance, it's our job to select the most exciting places, people, and events that are going to make a difference in 2016--whether you travel to France or not. Naturally, we are not going to stop you from returning to your tried and true favorites--whether...

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La Comtesse Greffhule

A Proustian Heroine Who Made Her Mark on Paris

Kudos to Olivier Saillard, the  director of the Palais Galliéra, the Museum of Fashion of the City of Paris, who had the idea to dedicate an exhibition to France's greatest 19th and early 20th century tastemaker and saloniste, la Comtesse Elisabeth Greffhule, who inspired Marcel...

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Parisian Chic Off-the-Beaten Path

PARIS--If you're tired of seeing the same styles everywhere, take heart!  There are still plenty of fashion choices out there for both men and women with style--you just have to take time to seek them out. Insider France is happy to share some of its addresses...

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Why The World Loves France

PARIS--I have been living in France for 22 years and hope that I never stop loving and appreciating my adopted country. As I saw the outpouring of love across the world last weekend after the senseless and horrific attacks of November 13, 2015, I was...

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